Anime & Games - Spooky's Mystery Sticker Packs!


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Spooky's Mystery Sticker Packs! - With 4 Cute Stickers!

Anime & Games Edition - Get the Mystery Pack and save!

A super cute mix of Spooky's best Cosplays inspired by his favorite Anime & Video Games.

Each Mystery Pack comes with 4 different stickers! It's like a Lucky Bag, just for stickers ;)

There are 8 different Cosplay Spookys available:

  • Sailor Spooky,
  • Spoomaru-chanSpooKero-chan
  • Spooktoro,
  • Spooky's Moving Castle,
  • Spookachu 
  • Spooigi and
  • Spookmin.

Which ones will you get? ^-^

A perfect gift for all Cosplay-Lovers and Spooky-Fans! ;)

The stickers are 2 - 3.5 inches and come in a cute and colorful little paper pack. With a nice glossy label sticker on the front and back, that shows all possible sticker designs.

The glossy coated vinyl stickers are suitable for "outdoor-use" as well :)

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