Small Wienerdog Wonderland Sketchbook


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Your Cute Drawings deserve a Cute Sketchbook!

This kawaii sketchbook is here to motivate you to doodle more! ;)

The outside is covered in a cute Wiener Dog Wonderland Doodle pattern, the inside has 40 blank pages of wonderful drawing paper

I picked this paper myself and I love it! It’s especially great for markers and colored pencils. The colors come out so vibrant on this paper, they almost look like printed. ^-^ You can see some example in the product pictures!

The size of the sketchbook is 4 x 6 inches. (~10 x 15 cm)

If you prefer a bigger sketchbook size, please check out mu bigger Artsy Cats Sketchbooks!

Nice and thick paper with a bristol paper like texture.

*** Please note: Markers are NOT included! ;) ***

I hope you enjoy this sketchbook as much as I do! 

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